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About me!

Hi there! My name is Lex Schönbeck and welcome to my portfolio. This is little about me. I just graduated Computer Graphics Design at Yrgo in Gothenburg. I'm a bit of a generalist and have experience in a lot of different aspects in 3D creation and films. I've mostly worked with realtime and modelling but I also have experience with texturing, animation, sculpting and editing.

I also have a Bachelor degree in Films from Örebro University. My Bachelor thesis focused on the use of colors and light in movies to evoke feelings in the viewer. This have helped me a lot in my 3D making and given me an overall understanding of the use of color and how to best use it to get the best overall result.

I also love being creative in my free time and I love to paint, crochet and sew.

If you wanna get a hold of me you're welcome to send me your information and a message in the form below!

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